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Software Development

This is the department that focuses in the development of software system. Under this service companies and organization can have customized software systems to their business processes and functions. The services we offer includes the following:

  1. Web Applications
  2. Mobiles Applications
  3. Desktop Applications
  4. Website sites
  5. Cloud Services (IaaS, SaaS)
  6. Database Services
  7. Share Point
  8. Reporting Services

Generic Technological Products

Still under software engineering services, the company deliver generic software systems that have been researched and have been discovered to be a need to a vast majority of companies or organization operating in a particular area/industry/market. These systems are designed to meet the general needs of the related companies or organizations in that particular sector and can be purchased directly off-the shelf from designated points and shops. Some of these generic products can have extra features that enables users to be able to customize their own set of product within a set of predefined parameters


Multimedia Production

Illumine Solutions also focuses in the production of high quality video and sound using a variety of latest technologies available on the market. This includes animation and graphic design with a professional touch. Under this service we have the following features and departments

a.       High Class Equipment for Hire

Under video production we have a collection of equipment for HD videos, in producing high class videos that are internationally competitive which can be hired by cooperates or individuals for video filming or photograph. Under this services organization or individuals can only hire the equipment but will do they own video production and photography.

b.      Filming and Photograph Services

We offer filming services and photograph for corporates and these includes:

·         Custom Video Productions for Marketing

Marketing videos are a direct representation of your brand personality, influencing your reputation in the business world. Through video, you can quickly establish credibility and trust with potential clients, allowing you to demonstrate your product and service benefits in ways that photos and text can’t.

·         Commercials

We produce beautiful, effective commercial productions across a wide range of industry sectors and brands for television or web video distribution. We work closely with our clients to understand their message objectives to create the best concept with the highest production values.

·         Video for Web

As people increasingly turn to the web for news and entertainment, businesses struggle to grab the attention of new clients, creating a prime space for rich media advertisement. Film Creations clients are capitalizing on this growing demand for web commercials with online video content that increases search engine visibility and enhances their brand presence on the internet.

·         Training Videos

Film Creations specializes in the production of educational, training, and instructional videos. Training videos allow you to take your expertise to your audience in a cost effective and engaging manner. These can include product demonstrations, staff training videos and instructional DVD’s intended for resale.

Illumine School of Technology

In as much as the momentum of our passion in technology as a company is generated from the dream to see Africa rise in technology and development, we have come to appreciate that this dream is not for us to bear alone but that every technology company and individual that operate in Africa have a part in sharing this dream until it is fulfilled, as such we have took it upon ourselves to establish some Learning Centers where edify and impart necessary knowledge and skills to the general people so that they can be empowered to take crucial position of responsibilities in shaping African in the same way we as a company thrive to accomplish.
Illumine Schools of Technology are such Learning Centers where anyone willing to take the sword and fight alongside in this battle of change for Africa can be given that opportunity to take some training through some practical and relevant courses and programs of crucial technological concepts that are designed not only to pass knowledge but also mold the learner to be a skilled professional who is high quality consciousness and high standard driven.